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Design, Supply and installation service

At Acumen we take the time to listen to what you need and understand your specific requirements, be they a simple heating system for your home or a multi room air conditioning system in your hotel or office block.

We then visit your location at a time to suit you, for a thorough site survey, to take measurements and complete detailed drawings, to prepare your competitive quote.

You may have a clear shopping list of requirements for your project, or you may not know where to start. Either way we will happily discuss options with you to recommend the best solution for your needs.

We work with all the major equipment brands and choose the equipment most suitable for your installation, budget, and lead-time.

When you are happy with the plan we have prepared, we move on to professionally installing your equipment, usually within four weeks.

We offer warranties of up to 5 years on our air conditioning products and systems.

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Our Services

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Heating and Air conditioning

  • We provide a comprehensive service for all types of commercial buildings. Hotels, office buildings, restaurants, and retail outlets.
  • We can plan, specify, and install full heating and cooling systems for any industrial space from small lock-up premises to full-size warehouses.
  • At Acumen we are aware of the challenges schools and colleges present and can design and install the best solutions.
  • Heat and ventilate residential homes and swimming pools.


Acumen’s team of experts maintain your heating and air conditioning systems to ensure they are always running exactly as they should. Regular services and cleaning are critical, and our Planned Preventative Maintenance scheme is the peace of mind solution you need whether the units were installed by us or others.

We can visit your premises at any time to give your installations a thorough check and diagnose potential problems before they occur, preventing any expensive failures from happening.

Most manufacturers advise servicing equipment at least twice a year and Acumen can plan a schedule of visits, so you never miss a check.



It is important to clean Air Conditioning units regularly to prevent spreading bacteria or other dangerous microorganisms.


Some of the benefits of cleaning are:

  • Cleaner air
  • Lower electrical consumption
  • Increased unit lifespan
  • Better cooling performance
  • Decreased water condensation.
  • It removes dangerous microorganisms
  • Improved air quality


To minimise energy usage and reduce utility costs, the A/C coils should be cleaned at least once a year. It is estimated that dirty evaporator and condenser coils can increase the energy usage of your air conditioning system by over 30 percent.


Renewable Energy solutions

Acumen have embraced the latest technologies to provide both air sourced and ground sourced heat pump solutions.

If you are concerned about the environment and want to reduce your energy bills, renewable systems are significantly more efficient than traditional heating methods. Since 2007 1.2 million homes have been fitted with renewable energy technology.


Compact and economical air sourced heat pumps absorb heat from the air outside your premises into a refrigerant which is compressed to increase the temperature captured and then used to heat both the heating and hot water systems of the building.


Ground sourced heat pumps absorb heat from the ground either around the building through buried loops of piping containing refrigerant gases or from a borehole sunk into the ground to a depth of around 100 metres or more.


Repairs and call-out services

Even well-maintained equipment can sometimes fail or perform poorly and need urgent attention. Acumen’s team of highly experienced engineers will respond quickly to your call out to resolve things.


Some of the main reasons for calling for help are

  • Leaks
  • A unit that is noisier than usual
  • Units not working properly, or not working at all.
  • Air becoming stale smelling.
  • Poor airflow
  • Ice forming on units.


We create a planned maintenance schedule, so your equipment is kept clean and performing at its most efficient. Our specially prepared Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheme is designed to fix things before they break saving you costs and inconvenience in the long term.


Whenever possible we schedule maintenance in those periods when your devices are less used to cause the least disruption to you. That means we look after your heating during the summer and your cooling in the winter months.

Did you know that a stable temperature of 23 degrees C is the most likely to generate maximum productivity in the workplace? 

According to UK Government studies, going above or below this by just a few degrees will see productivity fall.  With big changes in the climate outside through the year, the best way to achieve a constant workplace environment is properly planned and maintained air conditioning.


Air-conditioning systems and climate control applications will enable you to control room temperature and provide your staff with a comfortable, temperature regulated working environment at any time of year, often from just one single air-conditioning unit.  A comfortable room temperature can contribute towards increased health and wellbeing and motivation and increase productivity.



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